You have to love politics. In what seems like a single brush stroke from someone with a real axe to grind, McCain’s running mate is already under the microscope. To make it even more fun, this attack comes from a multitude of directions.

The pro and anti abortion fractions are both making hay with the fact that her 17 year old unmarried  daughter is 5 months pregnant. It won’t be long before the morality morons from the mid west weigh in on this one. It is going to be a hard sell to the Bible Belt, how can they vote for a VP who has such low moral standards? No doubt John McCain has his spin meisters in high gear to limit the trouble. In fact I will bet that right about now they are reaching for the Tums. No doubt with the huge sums of money involved in a presidential bid, Tums are plentiful and available on everyones desk!

The huge gaff that Sarah Palin made regarding the ‘Bridge to nowhere’ is not helping matters either. As nominee for VP she is going to shutdown Pork Barrel projects, yet she herself has been a huge Pork user, go figure? Alaska is a fine place, it is also a very brutal place, winter in North Dakota is a bitch, but it has nothing on Alaska. Without Pork projects Palin and Alaska would have sunk into the muskeg years ago.

Many were surprised by McCain’s choice, but this choice had nothing to do with sense, it seems to me that it was a way to One Up the Dems! ‘Look, we like women, we want one as our VP’.

It seems to me that while McCain may be trying to appeal to the female voters, he may have just PO’d a whole sector of potential “yes’s”. Pretty much the Bible Belt are going to hate the pregnancy issue, pretty much Alaska is going to react to ‘The bridge to nowhere’ with shock and horror. I can not see this helping in the polls one bit.

Yet other pundits are whining about the fact that she has a child with downs syndrome, how can she possibly put the effort into being the Vice President when she has to spend so much time at home? Personally I think this is a bit of a low blow. Maybe someone with such a challenge would be better prepared, and better suited to understanding the trials and tribulations of surviving in these strange times.

Has McCain chose wisely? Or was this a crackpot scheme to grab votes?

We will have to wait till November 4th, but Sarah Palin certainly introduces a new dynamic. New is not always better, new is not always even new, but it certainly is fun to watch.

Simon Barrett

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