Guillermo Del Toro about the 6 Oscar nods for Pan’s Labyrinth“This is an unimaginable experience for me. I am both humbled and honored that Pan’s Labyrinth is receiving so much recognition from so many fields. To receive 6 nominations for a film that is a true labor of love exceeds any expectation I could have ever had in my overweight life. It is specially beautiful to share this moment with my dear friends Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. This is an unprecedented representation of Spanish language filmmakers and actors. To have my film included among this list of remarkable nominees is a true honor that I will never forget.”

JESUS CAMP was nominated today for Best Documentary Feature. Please see below for a statement from the directors, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady.

In a year of bold documentary films that tackle subject matter of interest to many Americans, we could not be more thrilled to be honored as one of this year’s Oscar nominees. With one film on the list about global warming, two that address the debacle in Iraq and two that investigate the challenges of true faith, it is clear that the documentary form, at its best, reflects subjects that the public at large is keen to see and discuss. We made “Jesus Camp” both to explore a world unknown to us and to stimulate conversation about the parallel cultures that manage to co-exist in our pluralistic society. We hope that this nomination will help the film find new audiences and provoke more thoughtful debate on this critical issue.

Statements from Helen Mirren and Peter Morgan for their Oscar nominations for THE QUEEN

I would like to thank the Academy, it is a great honour to be nominated. When the idea of making THE QUEEN was first mooted we had no idea that the result would have quite the impact it has had. It is astounding the way that audiences have responded by taking the film to their hearts.

It is one of the hardest roles to play not just a living person but one who is part of our everyday lives in Britain. Whilst her presence is with us from her image on the letters that come through our door and on the money we spend, we know so little of the woman behind the image. I hope that my performance has conveyed a sense of Elizabeth the woman as well as the Queen.

I am indebted to Peter Morgan for his tremendous screenplay and to director Stephen Frears who was a joy to work with and was sensitive to the nuance of the role.

I am so proud to be a part of this incredible film-making team and the recipient of this nomination.

This is, of course, the highest compliment our industry bestows and the greatest honor. I am proud and thrilled THE QUEEN has been embraced internationally like this. The whole journey has been mind-boggling and exciting. I sincerely hope friends at home will still talk to me.

Will Smith Best Actor in THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS.

“Congratulations to all the nominees. It is a great honor to be considered among this caliber of performers. No competition, all celebration. Let the parties begin.”

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