News Item:
Talking camera aimed at sex on the beach

Sex on the beach, a time honored tradition, so much so that there’s a cocktail named after it.  Yet officials in Stuart, Florida, just up the road from Palm Beach, seem to have a problem with folks getting too frisky in public.  There is a proposal before the town council to install new surveillance cameras along open stretches of public beaches.  The new cameras will not only record what you’re doing, but give you a verbal reprimand as well.

The FlashCam devices contain motion sensors that flash a bright light.
Then a speaker barks out a pre-recorded warning.
Video recording begins sixty seconds later.

Now then… motion detectors, typically, sense whatever crosses their path.
Does that mean everyone walking along the beach will get yelled at?

If criminal activity does occur, why the delay in video taping?
Give me a sixty second headstart, and I’m out of Dodge.

News Source: Palm Beach Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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