Yolander-LasaneThe Florida Department of Children and Family worker notified the police about her concern about a child that had not been home in three weeks. The mother, Yolander Lasane apparently threw the girl out of the house telling her to never come back. She said the girl was ‘trouble’ and had been sleeping around. A neighbor, Eddie Travis, said the girl would be better off if she never came back and that the other four kids in the house should be removed as well from the mother’s custody.

The missing girl was located and when she met with officials she said she had been staying with a friend since her mother threw her out. She told the police that she did go back to the house to try and get her things but she was told they were thrown away or burned.

filthy refrigerator

When the police went to the home, they said the place was in bio hazard conditions. Apparently they reported the home had feces all over the floors, doors and walls. Additionally the doors in the house were covered with insects, the carpet was soaked in urine and the main bathroom’s toilet, sink and bathtub were not in working condition. None of the bedrooms for the children had lights that worked or air-conditions. They said all the beds were without sheets and they had bugs crawling all over them. In the kitchen the only thing that was found that worked was an electric can opener which the children used to open cans of food with to eat.

filthy stove

The only room in the house that was halfway decent was the mother’s room but even it was covered in filth and human waste. Animal control was called out to pick up the animals. The mother told the police that she suffered from pain in her knees. That and her weight caused her not to be able to walk so she could only lie in bed. She was unable to tend to the kids so they just come and go as they please.

The ages of the fine children are 17, 15, 12, 9 and 5. All have been removed from the home and placed into custody of the Child Protective Services before an uncle will be able to take temporary custody. One of the children told the police that he wanted a new family and that his teeth hurt him. The police said they could see holes in his teeth and broken shards of tooth sticking out of his gums. All the children were lacking personal hygiene and had no choice but to fend for themselves. They only had cold food to eat from the cans and had not received proper medical care.

Lasane was arrested and charged with five cases of neglect of a child with great bodily harm. DCF claims they are going to continue working this case.

This woman should have found someone that could help her take care of these children if she wasn’t able. Children don’t know how to take care of themselves. They are not supposed to have to. I just don’t understand why this woman let this happen.

I will pray to God that these children will be put in a decent home where they are given proper foods and be able to bathe and live normal lives. My heart goes out to them.

Jan Barrett

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