By Honey Gillard

So what do Orlando Bloom and the colour green have in common?

Well firstly in the May 2007 ‘Green Issue’ of Elle Magazine Orlando sports a green top, but also it seems that he is quite the budding ‘green’ environmentalist.

Orly recently sat down and chatted with Elle mag about his life and the expensive price of privacy these days. Heres some highlights from the interview:

On his career: “I’m not doing any more trilogies….I don’t think there is anyone who would not have done the movies I did. But going back-to-back without time to digest the process and immerse yourself in the next [was] a challenge.” 

He continued: “My profile went so high so fast that everything I was doing had much more attention on it than it would have otherwise. So there’s much more focus on the mistakes that everyone makes as they go through their career.” 

On spending three weeks sailing in Antarctica: “It was the real pirate ship. The boat was an old Norwegian ice breaker now used for scientific research. I slept in a bunk and did the washing up and shared a toilet with, like, 27 other guys. It was an amazing experience.”   

On being considered a sex symbol: “A friend explained it to me in a way that helped. He said there’s a window in every girl’s life where they kind of attach to somebody for a month. And if you’re that person for a month, then just enjoy it. And I was like, ‘Okay, cool!’” 

On dating in Hollywood: “You can’t date if you’re famous. […] It’s like you travel so much and it feels like the options are endless. People think getting a new partner is like getting a new car.” 

On maintaining privacy as an actor: “I was talking to Johnny [Depp] on the set one time. I said, ‘Can you believe they pay you this much money to do a job you love?’ And he said, ‘Privacy becomes really expensive.’ It’s true.”

The fresh ‘green issue’ of Elle goes on sale at newsstands nationwide on April 17th…

So if you would like to read the full interview with the sexy Mr. Bloom you’ll soon be able to duck down to your local newsagent and grab the fabulicious May 2007 issue baring Mandy Moore as it’s face.

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Sources: Justjared

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