From The Gathering Storm

At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, Webmaster Radio’s Jim Hedger held a press conference which made public the investigative report that:

1. Google is serving Adwords and Adsense advertisements on Google properties within Orkut which are managed by terrorist cells and sympathizers.

2. Google is serving advertising on the sites of Google AdSense members who are connected with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups which are benefitting from revenue which is originated by Google advertisers.

3. Click fraud and click bots are escalating the revenue generated by these 3rd party Adsense partner sites, and this revenue is making its way into the hands of organized crime and terrorist groups.

And what is Orkut?

Orkut groups which were serving these Google Ads were set up by Hezbollah, Iraqi insurgent and other terror oriented groups. The following is an example of one of the hundreds of terror oriented groups within Orkut serving AdWords ads from probably unaware Google advertisers.

Here is another screenshot of an Orkut Hezbollah group which is serving paid advertisements from eBay and other Google publishers via Google AdWords : Hezbollah Orkut Group Screen Capture.

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