A company in Australia has been slated after it was claimed that it failed to carry out inspections properly at a hospital in East Melbourne, where asbestos contamination had been caused by men that had sawed though asbestos containing concrete.

The incident occurred at the Mercy Hospital site in East Melbourne, and following the incident work at the hospital was halted for three and a half days according to reports. However, the Worksafe organization in Australia has been criticised because it failed to carry out a proper inspection of the site.

It is claimed that a Worksafe inspector did not personally visit and assess the site, according to the Victorian Building Industry Disputes Panel. It is also claimed that the inspector did not notice that the asbestos audit and register of developer was not in date.

However, a spokesperson from Worksafe has said that the allegations are not true, adding that the inspector did not speak with any of the employees at the site but did speak to the employer.

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