According to a recent report a city in the state of Oregon has been fined by authorities following claims that asbestos regulations were violated. The fine was applied by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The city that was fined by OSHA was Central Point, and this came after the city was accused of failing to provide protection against asbestos exposure for its workers. The city is said to have failed to protect its workers during a project that involved the demolition of a building

While reports claim that the debris from the demolition contained only trace amounts of asbestos officials claim that the city still violated asbestos regulations in terms of protection for the workers and in terms of training in relation to working with and handling asbestos.

OSHA officials said: “Despite no asbestos being found on the site, it doesn’t mean they followed all the rules…Basically, they were supposed to have told the employees there was potentially asbestos there or that the material could have contained asbestos. They were then supposed to have actually tested for it before they started working.”

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