It was with a good deal of amusement that I read an article from the Chicago Sun Times that talked about the ‘shocking’ new book by Kitty Kelly. Kitty is going to tell the world all about Oprah Winfrey. This is the ‘tell all’ unauthorized, no holds barred, down and dirty look at this doyen of the media. The press release for this blockbuster claims that Kitty Kelly has interviewed more than 850 people in compiling this unauthorized biography. She is actually quite well known for publishing unauthorized biographies that on occasion can be quite critical of the subject. However I seriously doubt that is the case here. Oprah and her hired legal guns are vigilant to say the least.

The Sun Times says:

Several have tried to write investigative and tell-all bios of Chicago’s talk-show queen before — and failed. In 1997, a former boyfriend tried to publish a book, in which he claimed the two lived together in 1985 and did drugs; the book wasn’t published, and the boyfriend then tried to sue Oprah for $20 million for blocking it. Plus, Oprah’s own father announced plans to write a tell-all bio, but the project was never completed.

Well folks, I hate to tell you this, but the ‘tell all’ about Oprah is already in print. And has been for over two years.

It was a scant four years ago that Oprah Winfrey and her million dollar entourage went into overdrive. Some ‘idiot’ author had decided to release a less than flattering look at this ‘Icon’ of the modern media age. Author Keifer Bonvillain had crossed the line.

Needless to say, Oprah was not going to take this laying down. Someone was going to suffer for making these slanderous remarks. It would be presumptuous of me to pretend to know both sides of the argument. Oprah though was livid! She found herself, the role model of the African American entertainment world being accused of racism! In this new world of being PC ‘Politically Correct’, this was an outrage.

It turned out that there was little legal grounds to prevent the publication of Ruthless, however that did not stop the Oprah Winfrey freight train. Instead they ran to the FBI accusing Keifer Binvillain of extortion. This ludicrous claim was later dismissed, however the damage had been done. The book was released, and indeed is still in print. Keifer Bonvillain was perminently labeled as the guy who tried to blackmail Oprah!

I have no doubt that Kitty Kelly’s new expose, is anything but an expose. That is an easy assumption to make based on Oprah Winfrey’s long history of blocking adverse publicity.

I do have a copy of Ruthless and plan on dusting it off and giving it a serious read. I have spoken to Keifer Bonvillain on several occasions, he does come off as a credible person, contrary to the Winfrey spin doctors accounts of him. While this is neither the time nor place to go into details I do know that he is involved in another potentially volatile situation that involves several government agencies. This time he is the accuser rather than the accused. I have read some of the material concerned with this new case and I know that both the FBI and DHS are treating the matter very seriously.

If Keifer Bonvillain is correct, there will be some serious jail time for a number of individuals. In fact I am sitting on a press release right now, but have been asked to hold off on publishing any articles pending some federal signoff.

Ruthless, is aptly titled, it is a ruthless look behind the glitz and glamor that surrounds Oprah Winfrey. While I might not agree entirely with Keifer Bonvillain, you can not argue with the facts and figures he cites.

Why wait for the watered down Kitty Kelly version? Buy Ruthless and make your own judgment. Ruthless is available from Amazon, just click on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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