It is said that Oprah Winfrey is the most powerful woman in America, I actually do not doubt that. Her largess is well known.  Less well known is the Oprah Winfrey outside of the public eye. There have been several attempts to publish ‘tell all’ books and most have been shut down.

There are two books that have made it to print. The latest coming from Poison Pen queen Kitty Kelley. While hardly the expose that was promised, is mildly amusing. The basic problem with going after Oprah is the arsenal of legal experts and PR spin meisters that you have to deal with. Oprah was quick to react to the Kitty Kelly book, and obviously she has been successful. Most of the MSM (Main Stream Media) has avoided the book like the plague!

Fox took the bait, but boy did they play it carefully. Bill O’Reilly certainly did a great job of distancing himself.

In 2008 Keifer Bonvillain released his rather inflammatory book Ruthless. Keifer faced an uphill battle, including a brief vacation at the hands of the FBI.

The big difference between Kelley and Bonvillain is that Bonvillain had some facts. There are two sets of tapes, one is between Keifer and Todd (Oprah’s office manager), and a set between him and Bill Becker (Lead Council). I do not have copies of them, and I have not heard them, other than some short clips.

Note to Oprah, I don’t have them, and do not know the location they are in! But I do know they exist. The FBI missed them on their search.

These clips are between Keifer and Bill Becker. These tapes have never been heard before

Clip One

Clip Two

Clip Three

Clip Four

Clip Five

I offer no commentary, take these clips for what they are.

Simon Barrett

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