Well one has to wonder. This lady of ‘Prime time’ who generally is well respected has been dabbling in the well of no return. Tom Cruise is a well known whacko, a Google search on Tom Cruise reveals more hits about Scientology (some religious cult) than anything else.

Oprah in my mind is a pretty nice lady. She seems to be on fairly even keel. In my mind she is a ship on a mission, a ship with a destination, a port. Her undoing may come from her predilection for Scientology. Some might call it a Religion, but most people with an IQ that exceeds their hat size view it as a cult. Scientology does not have a Pope, or other recognizable figurehead, instead it has Tom Cruise. Tom wowed us in Top Gun,  but has become increasingly a ‘has been’ in the entertainment world.  While the Scientology world argues long and hard that Tom is not a ‘wheel’ in the organization,   most people would disagree. He may not be the rumored #2 in the cult, but he certainly is the Mouth Piece for them. How, or why a nice lady like Oprah would ‘feed with the pigs’ is beyond me.

One can only assume the Oprah was having a bad day. Unfortunately this is not the first time that Oprah has entertained this idiot. I suspect that she is a fan of L. Ron Hubbard. At least this time he refrained from jumping on the couch and making a complete idiot out of himself. But the vast majority of news organizations viewed this two hour special more as an infomercial than news or information. One wonders if the Big O is flirting with becoming a cult member?

Normally I like to provide links to my sources, but the big alien space ship does not seem to have a URL. The folks that built the Internet got it wrong, it should have been a LRU. That of course would be a L. Ron Ubbard! Of course the reality is, the Internet was invented by Al Gore 🙂

One can only hope that Oprah and Tom Cruise do not use the same Tax Preparer as Wesley Snipes. But I guess if you are a wheel with the church ‘Of the very improbable’, paying taxes is a minor issue.

I am not a big fan of religion, but I do appreciate and bow down to people that do. It saddens me that cults, oops religions, like Scientology get such a high press profile.

Simon Barrett


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