Although the votes aren’t complete, Comelec has decided to proclaim the winners of ten of the twelve Senate seats. The Senate are chosen from a list by all voters here, and so far it appears that the GO (Genuine Opposition) has won a large majority of the Senate seats over Team Unity, the collection of parties that back President Arroyo.
There are twelve senate seats up in the election, and ten of them have been closed; number eleven and twelve are still awaiting the final count.

What this means is that the Senate will probably try to impeach Arroyo again for corruption. Hopefully they will also try to do their job, which of course includes rooting out corruption in the government and encouraging business investments here.

Arroyo has been aggressive in traveling to obtain jobs for OFW and in encouraging investment here.

However, the reputation for corruption discourages many outside investment.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind CLinic and Fishmarket. 

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