Michael Krebbs has a good update on “Operation Cardkeeper,” which I blogged about a few days ago.

It contains more details on the arrests, which amazed me because the indictment was only for seven people being compromised. This is probably a testament on how difficult it is to pin people doing this down to a specific charge.

Hopefully – there are more arrests forthcoming.

Michael’s blog post, here.

I also found a local story on “carder forums” that was done by CBS 13 in Sacramento, California. Not much new in this article that hasn’t been reported before here, but it does have an interesting video (along with the article), here.

It’s a shame that criminals are able to take advantage of borderless environments and a lack of laws to prevent these forums from operating.

We keep trying to fix these problems with technology, but until we fix the social problems – any “technological fix” is likely to be defeated in a short time by a “technological countermeasure.”

After all – the human mind is much more powerful and adaptable – than any computer system developed so far.

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