Theater Where Outlaw Was Shot Reopens

This is way-cool… well, actually, it was way cool back in 1934 when John Dillinger was gunned down in an alley outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater.

It was a big draw for a theater, and certain other public venues to be air conditioned in the summer, most especially in places where it was hot! The movie might have sucked like a Hoover vacuum, but at least you could be calm, collected and cool for the length of the double-feature.

And in the days of the multiplex theaters, which have about all the aesthetic charm of the inside of a shipping container, it’s fantastic to know that many of the old movie palaces, this one included, are making some sort of a comeback. And drawing an audience, even if they don’t have a claim to fame like the Biograph and Dillinger.

Sgt. Mom is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO who blogs at, and lives in San Antonio.

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