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Dear Lt. Colonel Sarr.,

I’m writing to inform you that we at the Freedom Newspaper have received a piece from a certain Lamarana Jallow who have levelled some serious allegations against you on your alleged role in the trial by media of the Farrafenni attackers and your alleged torture to death of Yahya Drammeh. He also alleged that you acted in utter insubordination by physically fighting with your senior, Baboucarr Jatta, and that your charge file is still open. Please read the piece on our homepage and possibly respond. You are also free to clear the air for the benefit of the Gambian people who deserve to be told what they have to know. You are also informed that the Freedom Newspaper has launched an investigation into the activities of top military officers who have either collaborated with the murderous regime of Yahya Jamme or served at top positions as you did. You and Sana Sabally are both included. It beats our imagination that in your write-ups, you deliberately or unintentionally avoided mentioning anything negative of Yahya Jammeh. And you very well know that Yahya is the master of all murders in our beloved country and you worked with him at a top rank during the time most of these heinous crimes were committed.

Do you wish to tell us that Gambians are interested only in the crimes Sana Sabally committed. If you think so, both you, Sana and others will be disappointed on the day of reckoning. We cannot just focus on the crimes of only one officer and ignore the ones that were committed while you were in full participation and could either avert them or refuse to commit them (if you really did).

We at the Freedom Newspaper hold the belief that both you and Sana are holding Gambians with contempt by failing to speak on some pertinent issues that you blatantly choose to ignore. Lamarana’s allegations that you witnessed the torture of  Yaya Drammeh and your role on the trial by media speak volumes. He said you did not stop at that. You went as far physically assaulting your boss. You cannot tell Gambians that you have nothing to elucidate on that.

In the same vein, Sana Sabally cannot tell us that he did not play a leading role in the assassination of soldiers on November 11, 1994, yet he also chose to avoid any mention of these in his endless rantings. You in particular chose not to mention the Jammeh side of the murder of innocent Gambians. You said in some of your right-ups that the Jammeh coup was wrong yet you seriously served that same tyrannical ignoramus in the person of Yahya Jammeh during which time he had committed a lot of crimes against humanity. Are you telling us that only the crimes committed by Sana are crimes because you were directly a victim of his? For your information, the Gambia people feel insulted when both of you are avoiding what they want to know about most. We at the Freedom Newspaper will continue to investigate and expose the criminal activities of both Jammeh and his accomplices – no exception. The allegations levelled against you are serious – the ball is in your court!

By this open letter, we want to do justice to Sarr, Sabally and all those implicated by Lama’s letter by giving them the opportunity to react. Sam Sarr image has been battered by Lama’s damning revelations. Sam is morally obliged to defend the said allegations, otherwise Gambians might believe in Lama’s story. It’s imperative to note that Sarr has been accused of  alleged torture, persecution and even murder. It’s only Sam Sarr who can clear himself. For  the sake of posterity, we deem it necessary to report that we contacted him for his side of the story. We have performed our required journalistic job by trying to balance Lama’s piece.

This paper will never censor materials coming from Lamarana. We don’t mind to be called names, but we got to do our job without fear, favor or ill will. Sam first fired the shots and should expect responses to his allegations. We shall not take sides during the period in question. What baffles us is Sam’s open snub to the Freedom Newspaper. Perhaps, he has reasons for doing that. We are not bothered and shall continue to accord him the opportunity to react to any allegations brought against him.

As we piece this write up together, Lamarana has hinted to this paper about his desire to expose more damaging stuff against  Sarr and other Jammeh agents. We are not in the position to draw conclusions about the veracity of Lamarana’s allegations, but the truth be told, Lama’s allegations against Sarr  are disturbing and revealing. A man of conscience would not have gone to bed without setting the records straight. Sam Sarr needs to clear the air. His admirers are shocked by Lamarana’s revelations. How long will Sam continue to ignore these damning allegations? Only time will tell. We rest our case.


Pa Nderry M’Bai, Managing Editor/Publisher
of the Freedom Newspaper.
CC..Colonel Sam Sarr,
CC:Freedom Newspaper Editorial Board
CC’..African news diamention South Africa
CC:The media…

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 (Archive on Monday, June 18, 2007)
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