Many of us can remember a ride at speed in a convertible or on a boat or a motorcycle.  The sun on your face and wind in your hair made the moment memorable.  The season of sun was made to be enjoyed and you were participating.  It was sexy and your companion was alive too.  The onlookers envied you for your look and your ride.  You were James Dean, Peter Fonda or Dustin Hoffman for the day.
There have been many memorable open automobiles fast or touring class with either a wild or traditional look. You could find them in domestic or offshore brands. Some proved to have enduring style and others faded quickly.  All promised adventure and most delivered.  Today is no exception.  I count seventeen new rides now available that will deliver a luxury ride for you and your companion. They all have serious exterior styling and punch at the pedal.  The delivery system will get the ponies to the wheels front or rear with modern efficiency and give you the systems to stay on the road.  The engineers have given the driver binders to scrub off speed quickly in most cases should you have a need.  The interiors are luxuriously leather and the other surfaces are mostly distinctive to the design criteria of the brand.  The grills identify you as a fan of the maker as you approach. 
To enjoy the open top automobile, you will need two things. They are funds in the amount of a minimum $ 60,000 to a maximum $ 150,000 and a ticket to a faraway place such as Detroit, London, Germany, Sweden or Japan.  If you’re going to spend this amount for such a distinguished vehicle, you should visit the factory where your steed will first trot.  If you’re in Europe or Detroit, look to drive the Continent too to break in your ponies.  Japan is a more adventurous drive, but if you’re up to it, go for that too.  There is no point in going half way when you could celebrate the arrival of a dream.  Almost nobody purchases such an automobile except after long term wish periods and the moment should be fully appreciated.
The vehicles are products of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, General Motors’ Cadillac, Chevrolet and Saab, Ford Motor Company’s Jaguar and Lexus.  I know, I left a few notable ones out, but I like the seventeen as the best of breed in my opinion.  In Detroit or its Michigan sibling cities, you can pick up your General Motors’ Cadillac XLR or XLR-V or your Corvette in various iterations,  Your Saab 9.3 is too a General Motors product, but your travel time and distance will be more a journey.  Traveling the Interstate east or west or south from Detroit will take you home past some memorable sights and stop-offs where your luxury rag top will be seen by all and you’ll be instantly regarded as the king of the road.  Your frame of mind in say a week’s travel time will take you to a new place, your personality will change to top dog along the way.  Imagine you in your SUV and plastic rims compared to you open air style in your Ray-Ban tinted aviators.  I’ll bet the lady who loved you as Mr. Family Man will remember the old you she went for as the young buck you now are again.
In England, you can pick up your Jaguar XK or your Bentley Azure or your Bentley Continental.  Any selection here will bring you to Lord of the Realm status where you will receive a reception into the finer parts of society.  Whether your interest is motoring the Kingdom or golf or Wimbledon or high finance or clubbing, you will be among the anointed badged by your selection of wheels.  If England is not the producer of your chariot, you can go across the channel to the continent where Germany or Sweden will provide your selection.  In Germany BMW offers a 3 Series, 6 Series or Z4 in Standard or M trim, Audi offers the A4, Mercedes Benz the Cl-K, Sl and SLK-CL Classes and Porsche the 911 and Boxster series.  If you have not completed your shopping at home, Germany will be your ultimate convertible hypermarket.  The autobahn is there for your high speed needs too.  You may need a month in country if your shopping comparisons are not advanced when you alight.  You could certainly do worse when it comes to spending time abroad than visiting the bastions of automotive excellence available for your review here.  Failing an accomplished transaction in the U.S., England or Germany, your travels will take you to Sweden for the Saab 9-3 and/or on to Japan where the Lexus SC 430 is built.  Either of these will bring you delight, so the additional flights if your desires have not been met promise to be rewarding.
Here you have my 17 selections which to me are best convertibles in the world among those which are mass produced.  Any will present the owner the gift of luxury transportation and engineering excellence.  You can expect excellent manufacturing too with only an occasional difficult model normally. When you motor in your hometown in any of the rides, your reputation will be enhanced at first sight.  You will do better with the ladies whether it’s the one you’re with or the one you wish.  Your peers will see you as the man of style and substance you are.  Am I superficial in making these predictions?  Yes, I am.  Am I right?  Yes, I am. Have fun!                             

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