Needless to say, I am getting some serious spelling tutoring.  While we are at it a colleague noted Robert Gardner as a theorist identifying at least 7 types of intelligence — now on to yet more of them:

His most famous work is probably Frames of Mind, which details eight dimensions of intelligence (Visual / Spatial Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence, Logical/Mathematical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra personal Intelligence, Bodily / Kinesthetic Intelligence, and the latest Naturalistic). Gardner’s claim is that pencil and paper IQ tests do not capture the full range of human intelligences. He has garnered much praise within the field of education but has also met criticism, largely from psychometricians. Since the publication of Frames of Mind, Gardner has additionally identified the 8th dimension of intelligence: Naturalist Intelligence, and is still considering a possible ninth: Existentialist Intelligence. (See Intelligence Re framed).
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He recently has written a book, Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People’s Minds.


Dewey’s generalized sense of the varieties of creative human intelligence in his major writings (e.g. Democracy and Education) was what particularly caught my attention when I did an undergraduate thesis on him.  Reducing children to test subjects is the enemy both of such creativity and of democracy generally.  There is much more to being a productive human than formal IQ, as we have all observed in our experiences with people and the world.  As I recall, the Germans stressed will and effort as their grounds for university entrance as opposed to mere intellectual skills alone.  Drilling kids into stressed out boredom is almost guaranteed to turn them off independent learning. We still have quite a long way to go to interconnect brain functions with our various types of consciousness.  Been to any Raves recently?

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