Several weeks ago I ran a story, it did not sit well with certain elements. In fact it created a huge problem. I broke the news that Lisa Croslin was taken to a medical facility because of an over indulgence of alcohol and Xanax.

Lets start with the idiot spin:

So, I spent 23 minutes talking with Kim [Picazio] as she heatedly vented about the underhanded tactics of the BNN boys who had taken yet another low-down swipe at one of Kim’s friends. As you may recall, Kim Picazio was the original attorney for Crystal Sheffiel, (I think he means Sheffield) the biological mother of Haleigh Cummings. Ms. Picazio is more involved in the Haleigh case than most people realize.
According to what Kim told me on the phone, Simon’s snitch or source for his misinformation about Lisa Croslin being “drunk, and higher than a kite on Xanax” was allegedly Harriet Sweet.
What actually happened was that Chelsea Croslin previously had come down from Massachusetts to retrieve all of her mother-in-law’s belongings. She must have feared the worst as she took virtually everything back up North with her, including Lisa’s street clothes and picture ID.
Then quite unexpectedly, Lisa Croslin was released from jail.
Kim Picazio being aware of the situation and concerned about Lisa Croslin’s welfare stepped in with her contacts and money for a phone, clothes, and a few basic living essentials that were bought from a dollar store by Lisa.
Lisa’s probation officer was aware of and approved her prescription for Xanax. Misty Croslin’s mother takes only three pills a day.

After the idiot spin, we have wazoo lawyer herself:

Statement From Kim Picazio….

I am abhorred that any person holding themselves out to be giving its readers factual, investigative information on this case, would use another human being’s misfortunes to score a few points against an enemy.  To toss aside a struggling individual’s good faith attempt at becoming clean and sober for the sole purpose of airing a scandalous, detailed account of a relapse into drugs and alcohol, is the height of yellow-journalism.  The loyal readers at BNN were misled.  They were handed a bag of goods….

This pointless diatribe went on an on. Our valiant supporter of truth and justice was PO’d that I had ran a story about her latest (non paying) client Lisa Croslin.

BNN took a great deal of heat over the story that Lisa Croslin was drunk and had more Xanax in her system than had been prescribed. The line being put out by certain web sites and the ‘Not being paid’ lawyer was that Lisa Croslin was attacked, her journey to the medical facilities was to determine the extent of the damage, broken bones. Etc.

Now lets look at this court doc:

View here

It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to see that my article was entirely correct! No spin required!

Several weeks ago I made a decision to cease coverage on the ‘real’ case. And unlike others, I will keep my word. I do not like being called a liar by anyone, I don’t give a damn what wazoo lawyer says or does, as long as it does not involve me. I do however care when my name is dragged through the dirt!

It seems to me that wazoo lawyer should check her facts before she puts statements out. But what the ‘hey’ if it was not for wazoo lawyers talking out of the side of their mouths, there would be no entertainment on TV.

Simon Barrett

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