Gwyneth Backtracks After Backlash

Fudged in translation? Eh, maybe. Maybe not. Does anyone really care? All things aside, this tempest in an A-cup doesn’t say much for the sort of person she routinely hung out with, back in the US of A. Also doesn’t say if as a married woman with a couple of small children, she is just having a social life with a completely different sort of person than she had before… and just automatically assumed that it was the difference between Americans and Brits, rather than the difference between overgrown adolescents and grownups with children.

Whatever… I’d be just as happy never hearing a word about actors and whatever they are up to, in the intervals between dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Odds are, though, someone took her aside and said something like “Mmmm, Gwynnie? It’s not a terribly good idea to slag off a whole damn country full of people who you are counting on to buy tickets to see your next movie, or come to your next concert. ‘Member the Dixie Chicks, sweetie? And next time around, you might want to consider taping the interview yourself, just to make sure that what they reported, was what you really, really said.”

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