As you might have guessed from the title, this is a live gig DVD from their recent tour of Poland and a treat for Onslaught fans. This is pretty much the original line-up with the ousted original Sy Keeler at the helm instead of Steve “Grim Reaper” Grimmett on the vocals. What Sy lacks in the range, he certainly makes up for in effort and grunt. Onslaught are late 80s trash with a bit of hardcore mixed in. It’s rather thrashy death metal that has no subtlety whatever. This is old school in its purest and rawest form. Metal Mind has done a great job at capturing the band it all its glory.

As with all their DVD releases there are two extra short live shows from ’87 and 2006 plus an interview with Sy Keeler and Nige Rocket with the normal collection of other goodies. It might amuse readers to know there are no tracks on here from their album with Grimmett. It is only conjecture whether that has to do with rights issues or is done out of spite.

I hope it isn’t out of spire as I know Steve and he is a thoroughly nicely bloke. He gave me quite a bit of good advice when I was starting my band.

If you want some old school in yer face thrash then this DVD will work for you!

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