This is the second in the Sushi Series.

There are 4 cousins who belong to a blended Japanese and Chinese family. We read about Lex the volleyball jock in the first one. Only Uni is about Trish, the flirt, who got put in her place by Lex’s flame from the first book. Does this begin to sound like an Asian Soap Opera? Who knew Korean day time drama was so… well… dramatic?

Trish is trying to find her way back to her wonderful relationship with God. She stubs her toes and scrapes her knees a couple of times before she gets wrapped in His loving arms. Trish comes up with three rules from First and Second Corinthians: 1) Stop looking at guys, 2) Only date Christians, and 3) Persevere in hardship by relying on God. If she follows them, God will restore her life to the way it was before her mistakes. If she can somehow regain her chastity, she won’t feel as dirty and unworthy as she does now. They’re only three rules. How hard can it be?

Handsome Spenser finds himself attracted to his coworker Trish, but his dinner invitation gets slammed down with a lame excuse about Corinthians and rules. That cools his ardor pretty quick. But then Spenser discover that his old enemy Kazuo needs Trish as the “muse” for his unfinished masterpiece painting due in a few months for a gallery show. Kazuo pursues Trish with everything he’s got, but Spenser decides to throw a wrench in Kazuo’s plans by pretending to pursue Trish himself.

Trish is going nuts trying to stand firm against two hunky guys. Her three simple rules aren’t so simple anymore . . .

A surprising story in that it is so much like real life. You can almost hear yourself in Trish’s musings. It is fascinating to learn about traditions of the Japanese and Chinese. Plus, it is so refreshing to see how one young woman reflects the times, yet doggedly fights her way past the lure of momentary pleasure into the pure pleasure of living for her Savior.

I loved this book. It is well worth the money and it is a keeper. You’ll probably want to read the whole series again when you’ve collected them all. Go to Camy’s website for much more of her witty writing and some short stories and a preview of the first chapter. Happy reading!

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