I thought I had seen it all, but Pakistan has decided to take ‘net censorship to new lows.  It would be amusing if it was not true.

You can read the whole article here.

And just for fun, here are a few Tweets that will not make the grade!

My family sold the OX and bought an Ass.

That new guy at work is just an asskisser

I am sorry, I cannot go out tonight, I have athletes foot!

I’ll be over in 20 mins, I’ll knock on the back door

The engine started banging, the smoke was awful, I doubt that it was barely legal.

My wife bought a new dog, a male, I really wanted a bitch.

So what part of the Turkey?, You know me, I am a breast lover.

Lets get together for a budwieser grab a condom and copulate.

I’ll be a couple of minutes late, I have to go to the bank and make a deposit

The erection of the new crane on the job site went well

Lets go to TGIF for some finger Food

I want a Glazed Donut before I Go To Hell

Driving at night is hard on my eyes, even harder when some idiot has their Head Lights on.

In total Pakistan has banned 1600 words and phrases. I only made it to the letter ‘G’ with my examples, but the list of words is well worth a look.

Simon Barrett

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