No one doubts that we find ourselves in an ugly economic environment. About the only growth areas seem to be foreclosures and the repo industry. Alas this economic crisis has led to a huge growth industry in selling dreams. Who doesn’t want to make enough money to retire comfortably in a mere 24 months? I certainly do!

On a daily basis I get riches beyond my comprehension, some long forgotten family member has died and he has left his fortune to me! Of course there are a few strings attached. Other people send emails that I have been selected as a secret shopper, they will send me money to go shopping and what I don’t spend I can wire the rest of the money back to them.

These two scams have been played out. But there are other opportunities for the enterprising man. There is little doubt that the world of MLM offerers rich pickings if approached correctly. This email hit my inbox today:

Last week I stumbled onto a fairly new network marketing
company that really got my attention fast and held on. I
have seen more network marketing companies over the
years than most people see in their lifetime.  One thing I
heard made my ears stand right up. This guy has come up
with the perfect compensation plan. One that eliminates
attrition once and for all.

I love network marketing but I’ve always had one pet
peave about it. We don’t just have to build downlines.
We are always having to rebuild downlines. That’s
because too many people get involved with unrealistic
expectations or simply don’t do any work. Hence, a month
or 3 months later they quit and I need to replace them
in order to maintain that level of income.
I’m sure you can relate to what I’m saying. Well, what
if you knew that everyone who fell under you was there
to stay? That nobody would quit because everyone starts
making money their first month and that income continues
to grow whether they are working the business or not.
This business is so easy to build anyway though because
of the nature of the system. You’ll see what I mean in
a few minutes.
All I want you to do is go watch these 4 short videos…

If you like what you see, and I know you will, then get
on the waiting list.
Then I want you to think about something. If all you
had to do was get people to watch those 4 videos, and
knowing how powerful they are after you watched them
yourself, and you would easily have people signing up
on your waiting list like bees drawn to honey, can you
see how easy this is? That’s just the point of the
iceberg with this one.
I am what people tend to refer to as a heavy hitter.
Anyone who comes on board with me now will surely
benefit. If you don’t know what to do I will show you.
You cannot fail with this one. It is not a get rich
quick thing but you can definitely make more than
enough to retire on in 24 months or less. And I mean
a wealthy retirement. At least 5 figures a month.

Go check out the videos and make sure you watch all
4 of them. Make yourself comfortable. Not because they
are long but because if you’re standing up you might
fall over when you see this. It’s that powerful.

Best Regards,

Brent Burleson

My interest was piqued, there was no actual mention of the Company, and certainly no mention of the product. The one link offered what I had assumed to a video serving company Clixtrac. Wrong! They are a wannabe aggregater of web traffic and ad serving. A Little digging did resolve the problem. This particular MLM (not advertised) does actually sell a product. Yet another food supplement!


The videos from Clixtrac are amusing. You can watch MLM at its very finest. You to can be set free from debt in just 24 months! Even better, the harder you work in your one hour a week, you can rapidly move from Green, silver, platinum status. There is Gold Rush waiting for you!

Simon Barrett

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