Katie West, founder of the United States-based The Levity Project, believes that a simple smile can connect the world and change people. Demonstrating the principle, The Levity Project has launched the “One World, One Smile” video (www.thelevityproject.com) which is part of her micro-movement effort.“We are living in a unique time,” says West, explaining part of her Levity Project philosophy, “when we really can create powerful and positive global change, and micro-movements are one place we can join together towards creating a more buoyant world.”Micro-movements bring people from all over the world together without any time or location boundaries to participate in an online “flash mob”.   The Levity Project’s goal is to create a space where people shine as agents of positive change and the online video pulls individuals together to create a ripple effect into the world.“One World, One Smile” flashes from the World Cup in South Africa to children popping out of a lake smiling and laughing by a boat dock.  The common theme is they greet the world with a smile with Matisyahu playing a reggae peace song as the sound track.According to Ina Lukas, The Levity Project’s Operations Manager and the “One World One Smile” video producer, the Matisyahu song was the initial inspiration for their second in a series of micro-movements, which followed their Car Dancing international hit.Smiling faces flash on the screen as Matisyahu sings, “I am waiting for people to say stop the violence, stop with hate.”   Young people, in South Africa, and a family in conflict ridden Pakistan pull together to touch international hearts.“It had the corners of my mouth lifting at the first frame,” writes Ingrid Foy from England, “and by the end a broad smile which lifted my internal energy like wings.”West says she experienced the connection of a smile one day when stopped at a traffic light. She saw a man in the next car, who looked like he had had a life of hardship. Sensing someone looking at him, he turned towards West and she, with the reflex of a society that inhibits direct contact, turned away.  But then turned back and smiled and he returned the smile brightening his heavily wrinkled face.West’s philosophy, embodied by The Levity Project, is that we are agents of change and the video closes after West flashes a big smile with the message: “We hope that one day we will all smile together.”The Levity Project“Creating social change through laughter, play and celebration.”www.thelevityproject.com

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