When Leaders Don’t Lead in Times of Trouble, Others Will

A serious examination of the connection between multiculturalism, societal suicide and rising anti-semitism in the United Kingdom is overdue.

Red Planets Cartoons steps up to the plate and delivers a case study.

Modern polling methods and the use of focus groups give their users instant information. But in the case of Great Britain and Europe–where issues of multiculturalism is concerned–the information can’t be found.

The elites in the U.K. and all over Europe still practice the art of the tin ear on non-assimilated immigrants and unrest in their societies as a result. The information being has no trouble being digested in the streets–outside the halls of power.

In the coming showdown, one side will feature the ordinary citizens of many European countries. The other side will consist of smug political elites, the forces of multiculturalism and others eager to use the opportunity to increase their power.

In that coming struggle, this scenario seems likely: the ordinary people, frightened by what they see and the lack of response by their elected leaders, will turn in desperation to any who promise help.

A recent discussion in the blogosphere centers around the parties that have arisen to speak for the people in the streets: the native Europeans remaining in their countries while their countrymen flee to safer, more settled locales.

The discussion is about the purity of these parties and the unsavory elements associating themselves with the dissent. In many cases, those elements are Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist in nature. The ultra-nationalists are using the unrest to infiltrate legitimate political movements.

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One-Way Multiculturalism 


One-Way Multiculturalism

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