One Small Victory Jerks Heart Strings

Some women take up hobbies like crocheting, travel or just start dating a younger boyfriend after one of their children dies and they are trying to get their mind off the matter But one woman in this exciting new novel from Maryann Miller decides to avenge her son’s death by joining the local drug task force as a confidential informant.

Jenny Jasik’s world was torn apart by her eldest son’s death in a car accident, as it would turn out the driver was dealing drugs and was high at the time of the accident. The first three chapters are hard to get through for anyone who has lost a loved one and had to go through the same mechanical motions of making funeral arrangements but Jenny, like the rest of us in real life, managed to get through. After seeing a deal occur with a group of high school students and seeing the local newspaper story about the task force, she decides to take matters in her own hands to prevent any other parent from having to go through what she has to.

She is pressured by two forces, the case and the lies to her children and her ex-husband that she has wrapped herself in to preserve her secrecy and keep her secret activities under wraps.

This book has been praised in Home County and Women Write About the Southwest. And now Maryann Miller can add Cameron Cowan of BNN to that list. This book was a hard read for me on a very personal level, but I think it is literature’s ability to touch us at a level that no one else can that really can and that is refreshing, if heart breaking. I was glad that I pressed myself through the book and the rest of the story, plot development and the deep parts of the characters we see was worth the personal pain.

As a journalist and author, Maryann Miller amassed credits for feature articles and short fiction in numerous national and regional publications. The Rosen Publishing Group in New York published nine of her non-fiction books including the award-winning, Coping With Weapons and Violence in School and On Your Streets, which is in its third printing. Doubletake, a mystery written as Sutton Miller, was published by Clocktower Books. She has also written several screenplays and stage plays, and was the Theatre Director at the Trails Country Centre for the Arts in East Texas for five years. Miller is currently the Managing Editor of, an online community magazine for a small town in East Texas where she lives on some acreage with her husband, a horse, two goats, three cats, two dogs, and a variety of wild critters that wander through.

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