An Amber Alert has been issued Monday evening for an infant who is only one month old from South Carolina. Apparently Angel Miguel Perez was snatched from his mother’s car as a post office in North Charleston.

The baby’s mother left him inside her car strapped into his car seat with the motor still running when she ran into the post office to buy stamps from an automated machine but it was broken so she went inside to the counter to buy them. When she returned to her car she found her son was missing.

According to a North Charleston police spokesman a witness reported seeing a heavyset woman believed to be in her mid-20’s that was sort of running across the parking lot of the post office to a nearby church parking lot with a child in her arms.

Unfortunately no surveillance cameras were set up at the post office or the church to verify this. The witness described the car as a grey or silver four-door compact car with a rear spoiler. The woman was described as being a black female about 5’1” tall and about 175 lbs. wearing a blue and white striped shirt.

Little Angel was only one month old. He has short black hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a blue shirt and blue pants and had white shoes on. He was wearing a blue hat when he was taken.

Police have made it clear that they have no reason to believe that Angel’s mother was involved in her son’s disappearance and that the father has been completely cooperative with the investigators.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the North Charleston Police Department at 843-822-1128.

I sadly have another child to add to my list to pray for. While I have no problem praying for these children, it just breaks my heart for the reason that I am praying for them. This time of year is supposed to be for family gatherings to celebrate. It shouldn’t be a time for grief (not that any time is though). I pray that God will give the families of all these children some sense of peace over the loss of their loved ones. I pray that they find the ones that are still lost and for the ones that are gone that they get their justice so they will be able to rest in peace.

My list includes Caylee Anthony (found dead), Adji Desir (remains missing), Haleigh Cummings (remains missing), Somer Thompson (found dead), Elizabeth Olten (found dead) , Masaraha Ross (remains missing), Alex Mercado (drowned) Rebecca Marie Allen (found alive), Sandra Cantu (found dead), Anthony Holland (found alive), Shaniya Davis (found dead), Hassani Campbell (remains missing), Giovanni Gonzalez (reported dead), Neveah Buchanen ( found dead) and Shannon Dedrick (found alive) and now Angel Miguel Perez is missing.

God Bless all of you and Simon and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Jan Barrett

-UPDATE – Thank God Angel Miguel Perez has been found safe and unharmed. He is now back with his mother and father and a suspect has been arrested. No further details are known at this time, but what a great blessing this is. Now this family can enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow.  God bless little Angel!

As a favor to our readers I am posting these web sites:

Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.

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