In the United States, 1 million baby cribs manufactured and distributed by Simplicity and Graco brands were recently recalled following the deaths of three young children in the beds.

These younsters were entrapped and suffocated in their faulty cribs. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall over two years following the date that a California attorney claims to have reported to the agency the death of a 9-month-old in one of the cribs. In addition tot he first child, a 6-month-old and a 1-year-old have also died in the cribs. A problem occurs with the drop sides of the cribs detaching or a hardware failure to hold up the sides of the cribs.

Simplicity Inc. is a company in Reading, Pa. that manufactured the cribs, but they were made in China.

The recalled cribs were sold under Simplicity and Graco brands from early 1998 through May 2007. Cribs currently in stores are reported to be safe by Simplicity, Inc. The company is offering free repairs of cribs that have older hardware.

This baby crib tragedy lends more credence to the notion that China needs to increase the quality of its production procedures in manufacturing and other product-related industries. With the advent of the Beijing Olympics arriving soon, the Chinese government is taking steps to upgrade and improve the quality of manufacturing and other industries around Beijing and countrywide. 



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