Some might consider it a bit strange that after twelve years of service, the Chicago Cubs’ team president Andy MacPhail resigned. Did he voluntarily do so because he felt the Cubs lack of success rested solely upon his shoulder, or did he do so to save face? Rumors have been aplenty during the second half of the season regarding the dismissal of several executives within the organization. Perhaps fans should dismiss the how and whys regarding MacPhail’s departure and concentrate more upon his successor.

Dennis FitzSimons (Tribune Co. Chief Executive Officer and President) announced Sunday that John McDonough is now the interim President for the team. Wonderful! What are his credentials? Well, he was the senior vice president of marketing and broadcasting. Marketing and broadcasting? What in the blue hell does that translate into as far as running the day-to-day operations of a professional ball club? McDonough claims he’ll bring a World Series title to this town via the Chicago Cubs. Why should fans believe him? McDonough will tell fans because of his marketing expertise, fan attendance has increased to record highs year after year. Big deal! The rise in attendance had nothing to do with marketing and it definitely had nothing to do with winning. And if McDonough was so successful in his previous position, then how can he account for the dismissal of perhaps the greatest baseball commentator, not to mention fan favorite, Steve Stone? A question of greater magnitude is if the organization had such strong intentions to make some changes at the top (i.e. MacPhail and Dusty Baker), why have so little preparations been made for their replacements? Better options for the positions of president and manager have to be available. Why are fans led to believe such options don’t exist? The five P’s immediately rise to mind. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Given the Tribune Company has little concern to prevent poor performance, fans must question what aspirations does the ball club have?

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