Into soccer, that is (some still insist upon calling this sport “football”) – and in Germany, of all places. And now a German language magazine is suddenly offgepissed (pissed off) and not happy (happy) about it. And although maybe this might just be a joke or something (you can never know for sure these days), a language war has been declared upon English soccer terms.

The Deutsche Sprachwelt magazine has called for a ban on certain English soccer terminology because, well, they are not against English terms per se, they just don’t like the English terms that have been buy propecia online boots mixed and mashed up together with German by Germans for use in Germany. You decide:

Der Goalgetter is out and Torjäger (goal hunter) is in.

Der Keeper is wrong and Torwart (goal guard) is right.

Der Scout is out and Spielbeobachter (match observer) is in.

But most significantly, they’re going to throw out der Referee and replace him with der Schiedsrichter. And this right before getting rid of der Shootout altogether! They plan to introduce something called das Elfmeterschiessen instead.

Um, I’m not a soccer expert or anything, but are they starting to cheat already or something?

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