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Dear Mr. Pa Nderry,

I first of all wish to apologize to my readers for the long silence. This was not due to Yahya winning me over but instead due to a security measure I was taking since Mr. Dictator Jammeh was trying to blow away my cover.  He cannot as I am embedded if he knows what that means. And I will let him know that we Gambians are ready to see the fight he started to the finish. He is not smart neither are most of his secret agents because most of them lack the technical know how.  I will endeavor to be more frequent at least once or twice a month. And if anything is up, I will let you and the readers know before docking under another bunker. In my last message to Gambians, I talked about most of the lies that Yayha peddles to us as truth. My last sentence read thus: “I will come up with many things to prove to you Oga that you are not that intelligent as you claimed. Let those who have ears listen and those that have brains learn since Oga doesn’t seem to have neither. Good day!!!. ” Having said that, I will pick up todays topic which is a sequel to Decoding his lies to Gambians.

Sometime in March 2006, the authorities in Gambia claimed an alleged coup against the Jammeh administration or should I say cartel since this has operational symbolism with the Columbian Drug Cartel. As an informant of the Freedom newspaper, since our stupid “Trumpeter Jammeh” and his cronies have thus concluded that every registered online reader is an informant. Therefore all those who registered  with or buy the Daily Observer or read it online or in the streets are also Observer informants. Logical isn’t it? The chief informer will then be Yahya himself and Mr. Taal, Yanks, Macdoul, Jahumpa and the others. Doesn’t this idea sound stupid?  The simple answer is yes and it smacks of stupidity on the part of our president.
What is there to inform. “Doctorri” Jammeh, we are right here under your nose. We move and do things with you. You think you’re smart but the day you will discover who we are, you will be a shocked to your bone marrow. Don’t you realize time keeps no secret? On that day, those of us near you will disown you and testify against you. Wait until the trial of Charles Taylor begins and you will see the example am talking about. Those with whom he dined and drank Liberian liquor with will testify against a once mighty Taylor.

Coming back to our escaped prisoners, “Doctorri Jammeh” if you and your Commissioner of Prisons,David Colley are stupid, we Gambians are not. You can’t take us for a ride. We know way too much than these bunch of liars. Once a maximum prisoner as these alleged coupist are termed are ready to be moved/transferred, protocol indicates that they are not only handcuffed but their feet are shackled as well. How comes in the case of these high profile prisoners, your well trained escort men failed to shackled their feet as well as handcuff them?  Please Oga don’t discredit us, we are well trained soldiers. How can handcuffed and feet shackled prisoners escape from your renown soldiers. Do you mean to say that we are that weak?  If this is the case, do you trust that we can defend the nation in case President Abdoulie Wade decides to whip the shit out of you as well as monkey crawl you? So Oga if you trust us don’t tell lies on us that the prisoners escaped while being escorted by us to Jangjanbureh. Find another version.

Last but not the least, no prisoner can ever be transferred from one prison to another without a TOR (term(s) of Release) being signed. Someone has to do some paper work before they can be moved. Someday  we are going to dig into the records to find out who signed their papers. Don’t rush to Mile two or call David to record it now. Its too late. We have prison logs and even if you forged these documents now, the logs will tell the truth.  You cannot change logs since they are legal documents and and if any changes are done on them, the person who did has to answer to a court of law to explain the reasons for those alterations. Interfering with these logs means interfering with justice. We will also find out who filled the logs and bring these individuals to testify. One thing that Yahya doesn’t seem to get is that lies cannot shroud truth no matter how cleverly you paint them.

Doctorri, you are sinking yourself deeper and deeper. A Liberian friend of mine once told me that “it is only the African man who will hold onto a straw while drawing.”. And this is what you the dictators of Africa are doing. Samuel Doe and many others did it and where are they today?” Oga learn from history at least for once.  Why don’t you leave before too much becomes too much for you?

The Gambian people are tired of stupid lies. We vividly remember the case of Foday Makolo whom your henchmen killed in Bara and the state media reported that he absconded. Later on the gutter Daily Observer reported that he telephoned his family from Spain. Wherre is he today, still in Spain? I  had never believed the story since it was not being narrated by his family members but your media. And later on I came to learn about his killing in Barra from my colleagues. Doctorii be careful! You have opened so many wounds in Gambia that can hardly be closed until we hang you upside down naked. Again Oga we are all comrades and we all took oath to serve our nation. I don’t hate you, but your lies and actions. Don’t play on our intelligence. Whoa, here we come Doctorri, get him!!!. Stay tuned I will come up with some more on Century Liar Jammeh’ s.Thanks for the space to fight this so called Skunk of a president.

Posted on Sunday, June 03, 2007 (Archive on Monday, June 25, 2007)
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