The Cordoba Project plans to construct a 13-story mosque and community center about 2 blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood.

I’m not in favor of this idea. I don’t like to let emotions rule my political judgment but the events of 9/11 still sting. I was close to the World Trade Center when it happened and I saw the first tower explode from across the East River in Downtown Brooklyn. I don’t think all Muslims are terrorists and I certainly have no objections to any mosque or cultural center being built almost anywhere in America but this particular project lacks decency and common sense in my humble opinion. Regardless of the intentions “to build bridges of understanding” it will be interpreted by many as an affront and an insult to those who died by terrorist hands, as it should be. Some even interpret the intention of building a mosque at Ground Zero as a sign of conquest by the Muslims. Even if that idea is a tad bellicose I would agree that a little sensitivity is in order here and that the mosque should be built elsewhere (Lord knows there’s vacant property all over New York City).

It is in fact sensitivity that lies at the heart of this issue and probably the thing that annoys me the most. When a Muslim terrorist attempted to set off a bomb in Times Square Mayor Bloomberg ventured that the assailant was probably a Tea Party member who was mad at the passage of Obamacare. Now either he’s a moron or he was attempting to be sensitive to Muslims to the point of sounding like a complete jackass. His desire to unapologetically stand behind building this mosque smacks of political correctness as if he’s tripping over himself to show the Muslim world how sensitive he is to their plight. Why? The really sarcastic part of me feels like he is this way because he’s afraid if he makes a Muslim mad they might blow something up. It’s like the T-shirt Brian Pillman used to wear, “Don’t Annoy the Crazy Person.” Why is he contributing to the infantilization of Muslim people? They are not a special group who should be protected from criticism. They are just as worthy of criticism and protest as every other group in this country. It is beyond the pale that if you disagree with anyone besides WASP’s you are seen as insensitive and probably a racist. One of the comments I’ve heard recently was something like the only groups you can make fun of today are fat people and cops; blunt but poignant.

I assume the real reason Bloomberg is backing the Cordoba Project is precisely because he really is sensitive to the feelings of Muslims and that’s not out of fear. That would be fine except he should not be sensitive to one group to the exclusion of all other groups or one group entirely. He’s the Mayor of New York not the Mayor of New York Liberals or the Mayor of Everyone in New York except Conservatives. He should have been a fair arbiter between all parties and not taken a side. The terrorists who attacked this country (including other Muslims) did so in the name of Allah with the intention of at least driving US presence out of the Middle East. Based on that alone, it is vulgar and ghastly to build a mosque at Ground Zero in my opinion. Anywhere else in NY would have been fine but this is insensitive to at least those who lived there and lost loved ones in the attack. Those who oppose the building of a mosque at Ground Zero should be afforded the courtesy of Bloomberg’s sensitivity too. The last time I checked, non-Muslim American opinions counted as well as Muslim Americans.

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