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On this eve of the 2006 mid-term elections the predictions on one side of a Democratic landslide and the predictions from the other side of some Republican losses are still just that . . . predictions. Either way you look at it, it says much more about the weakness of the Republican party than it does about the strength of the Democratic party. Iraq is a big, big factor in that weakness because most people realize that we are in a war not with a country and not against an army but at war with an ideology. The not oft spoken but fully realized fact is, you can’t win a conventional war against an ideology; bullets kill terrorists but they can’t kill the ideas that motivate the terrorists and spawn new generations of terrorists.

It was a Republican president who led the country into this war based on the possibly-false intelligence that Iraq HAD weapons and was crazy enough to either use them or sell them to terrorists. That’s a good reason for doing what we did, invading Iraq and unseating the madman Saddam — political rhetoric aside, I don’t believe many Americans fault President Bush or the Republican party for that.

What came next however, our attempt to “create a Democracy” in a country that has never known anything but Theocracy was insane and, while it was made palatable for a while by coloring it as ‘freeing the Iraqi people,’ it is now obvious that what we attempted was a very, very long-term project that many Americans are not willing to champion because they see very little benefit from their large investment of money and lives. Americans are a charitable people but they are also practical — you can only give so much.

As a result of Iraq, many millions of Americans MAY be ready tomorrow to punish Republicans for the actions of the currently untouchable Republican President; in effect they will be burning an effigy of the president by sending the Republican majority ‘down in flames.’

It’s not, of course, just Iraq. The argument by many is that the Republican’s have turned their backs on the Conservative principles that swept them into the majority. They did lower taxes as promised and the economy is going strong but there is an uneasy feeling (in this Conservative gut at least) that the economy is not riding the wave of lower taxes as much as it is riding on the back of a spending binge by Congress. Much of that spending is war related and, therefore, somewhat understandable but far too much of it is politics as usual, pork-barrel spending that should have been tempered by the promise of less government — a promise that was not kept.

Then there is immigration — a multi-faceted issue that deals with legal immigration, illegal immigration, the economy and national security. The Republican majority has followed in the footsteps of the previous Democratic majority and done very little to address all the issues and even less to resolve them.

The bottom line is, tomorrow there will be triumphs and defeats in many individual races and the face of the House and senate may or may not be drastically changed. If EVERYONE goes out to vote their conscience (based on what they feel, not on the propaganda from either side) it will be a successful election because the people will have spoken and that’s what this nation is all about: the power of the people. If, however, people stay home (as most do in mid-term elections) only a few will be controlling the fate of the majority; that is not only a tragedy that dirties the face of Democracy it is an abomination that will add yet another milestone to the failure of our system of government.


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