Yes it’s true. I got home from work yesterday and in my email inbox was an invite from Hillary asking me to lunch at her house in Washington. She wanted to sit down and talk about what concerns me and such. Actually, she wrote: “Let’s do lunch. Let’s talk, you and me — about whatever you’d like. Our hopes. Our goals. Our work. The weather. Maybe even politics.” I didn’t even know what to say…how did she even know me? And gosh golly, we could talk about the weather.

(Brakes screeching) Wait a minute. She wasn’t inviting me to lunch. If I contributed to her campaign I could get the chance to have lunch with her. So she didn’t want to have lunch with me. She wanted my money.

However, the email tried to soften me up a bit. It went on about how Hillary spoke with some women in her own home about the problems she faced: paying for college, owning a home, ect. Oh Hillary really enjoyed this experience, according to the email. Then it clearly stated: “Now I want you to come to my home, share a meal, and tell me about your life, your family, your concerns, and how we can work together to change America.” In order to acquire the invite, though, I had to fork over money by midnight of September 7. Did that mean that she really didn’t want to have me over?

The email did not use the guilt tactic until the very end. A postscript was attached which stated: “Labor Day is when the campaign hits high gear — we have entered THE critical phase of this campaign. I know you’re ready for change, so let’s work together to make it a reality. “
Wow…if I didn’t contribute now, the country would not change at all. Hey that was a lot of pressure Hillary…I had enough to worry about, such as walking my dog, getting dinner ready, calling about my 401k. I didn’t need the imminent demise of our country on my conscious as well. I declined the offer to give her money, oops, I mean to come over to have lunch.

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