I don’t often share jokes that I receive in my email. I get dozens daily and most I do not even bother to read. Once in a great while though there is one that does catch my attention. Today one arrived that I have to admit brought  on a chuckle.

The news has been full of coverage about the soon to start London Olympics, not about the great athletes who will be seeking medals and honor for the countries they represent, but rather the problems with security for both athletes and visitors. The private security company contracted to supply personnel have come up short. The solution has been to add more members of the armed services to fill the ranks. It is sad that something as wonderful as the Olympics, a celebration of (mostly) amateur athletes should have become a venue of potential violence, but it has.

I doubt that many US readers will understand the humor in the photograph, but there are few UK denizens and ex-pats that will not enjoy it.


I have no idea who created this wonderful photo, but they certainly deserve a Gold Medal. For those of you that do not understand the picture, do a Google search on ‘BBC Dr. Who’, all will be revealed.

Simon Barrett

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