It has been quite a while when an article in OK! Magazine announced Britney Spears’ 16-year old sis’ Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, the family is in news again, this time for the financial dealing behind the story. Competitors claim that Zoey 101 star’s mother, Lynne Spears, had sold the pregnancy story to OK! for $1 million.The story which appeared on the cover page of the magazine last month purportedly inflated the sales of the magazine to 2 million copies, overriding the sales of magazine’s issue which documented Britney’s meltdown at an OK! photo shoot last summer.

While the tabloid is denying that it paid the Spears family for the exclusive rights of the story, the critics are questioning the seemingly specious choice the Spears family made in selecting it for the story, noting that the gossip weekly ran unflattering photos of Britney after a disastrous photo shoot last July.

Whatever the inside story is, one thing is for sure the teen actress made a bold move in breaking her pregnancy to the world. Good Luck to her!

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