OJ Simpson’s Girlfriend, Christine Prody, Remains Hospitalized

The Police have been Called Five Times over the last Several Years to the Couple’s Home

A Brief History of OJ’s Women

A Look at The Couple’s Tawdry Past

In 2000, police were called to Simpson’s home after girlfriend Christie Prody allegedly had a problem with drugs, and Simpson placed a 911 call claiming Prody was on a cocaine binge and needed rehab. Simpson later retracted the story and no formal charges were made against Prody. Source – CBS4

OJ Simpson’s current girlfriend, Christie Prody, remains hospitalized with head trauma at a Miami-Dade hospital while police continue to conduct an investigation. According a police report, Simpson maintains Prody ended up with bruises and abrasions and head trauma from a “drunken” fall at a Miami gas station Monday night.

Christie Prody

In 2000, the now infamous Simpson moved from Los Angeles California to Pinecrest, Florida, a bedroom community of Miami, four and half years after his acquittal in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ron Goldman.

According to sources, the 52-year-old Simpson had already met the then 24-year-old Christie Prody, a waitress in Los Angeles. Some said, a Nicole “look-alike.”

On October 2000, Simpson was supposedly kicked and slapped by then 25-year-old girlfriend at the Wyndham hotel in Miami, but no charges were filed. Source – CBS4

After living together seven years and five calls to the police for domestic “altercations” it was reported that the 32-year-old Prody fell and hit her head while at a Miami gas station Monday night.

Simpson insists Prody fell because she was drunk and that during a recent trip to San Antonio, Prody was falling down drunk the whole time.

DBKP wrote yesterday that Simpson denies any involvement in Prody’s “accident.” So far no one has placed Simpson at the scene.Let’s take a look at a brief history of OJ Simpson’s Women.

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OJ Simpson’s Girlfriend in ICU: The Couple’s Sordid Past


OJ Simpson’s Girlfriend in ICU: The Couple’s Sordid Past

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