OJ Simpson apparently arrived at the Las Vegas courthouse this morning giving the thumbs up sign and grinning broadly. Now I personally think this may be a little premature. The case against him being involved in an armed robbery seems pretty substantial. Even worse, his co-defendents have run away faster than rats leaving a sinking ship.

I also suspect that OJ does not realize that his nemisis Fred Goldman is working overtime in the background to whip up public outcry.

Fred appeared on The View this morning, and my sources (and they are damn good inside sources) tell me that Fred will be a very busy beaver tomorrow, with a schedule that involves TruTV, Dr. Phil, and Oprah.

The OJ penned If I Did It book has also underwent a makeover that includes a new chapter. A chapter that is apparently very unflattering about OJ’s character make up. With a bit of luck, and some co-operation from Fed-Ex I should have it in my hot little hands tomorrow. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll have a review up faster than you can say ‘killer running back’.

The Juice has so far skilfully avoided paying one cent to the Goldman family from the civil suit that found him guilty for the death of their son Ron Goldman. OJ has managed this feat by avoiding California, one day though, he is going to be on a flight, and the plane is going to get diverted to LAX, and boy is he in for a shock!

I cannot claim that Fred Goldman is my friend, I have interviewed him, but other than that I really don’t know much about the family. I do know one thing though, and that is that Fred has made it his mission to haunt OJ Simpson, and I praise him for that.

Unless your IQ is smaller than your hat siize OJ is a killer. OJ deserves to spend some quality time behind bars, maybe this armed robbery case will finaly acheive that. This time OJ has no ‘dream team’ of lawyers, and this time the court will not get wrapped up in the theatrics, this time is the time of reconing.

Jailing Simpson cannot bring back the two people he killed in cold blood, but in some small way it will give some comfort to the Goldman family.

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will have more to say on this story.

Have a nice day OJ.

Simon  Barrett


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