O.J. Simpson’s Girlfriend, Christie Prody, is in Intensive Care

The doctor says it appears she’s been beaten and may need surgery

OJ says she’s a Drunk and fell down and hit her head 

Christie Prody

Was it a “fall” at a local gas station or an assault that landed OJ Simpson’s longtime girlfriend, Christie Prody, in Baptist Hospital’s intensive care unit with a head injury?

Are we seeing subtle shades of “Nicole”, Simpson’s first wife? The woman who ended up with her throat slit on her front porch in the summer of 1995? A woman whose diaries of OJ battering and stalking her and photos of her with a beaten to a pulp face were not allowed in OJ Simpson’s trial?

Nicole and O.J. separated in early 1992 and were divorced on October 15, 1992. Nicole cited abuse and adultery. In her diary, Nicole wrote that the domestic violence began in 1977. “by the time of the murder trial in 1995, the Los Angeles prosecution had compiled a list of his abusive behavior which contained 62 separate incidents of physical and mental mistreatment, in addition to numerous threats and examples of control manipulation he had carried out.”
Source: Thomas L. Jones, CrimeLibrary.com, “Ordinary People” Source – About.com

The Miami Herald spoke with Simpson over the phone about Prody’s mishap, a “slip and fall” at a southwest Miami-Dade gas station Monday night.

According to the Herald, Simpson is upset over allegations from the National Enquirer Online that Prody might not have “accidentally slipped” but may of been assaulted instead:
O.J. Simpson’s long-time girlfriend has severe injuries that are consistent with an assault, rather than simply a fall, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

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OJ Simpson’s Girlfriend in ICU; Cops Investigate 


OJ Simpson’s Girlfriend in ICU; Cops Investigate

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