Oj Simpson the ex football player and holder of the dubious NFL record for most murders is still being dogged by the events of 1994 when his ex wife Nicole and Ron Goldman were murdered.

Through the use of some very creative legal tactics by his defence team OJ managed to wriggle off the hook in the criminal case, however he was not so lucky in the Wrongful Death civil suit. The Goldman family were awarded millions in compensation.

Millions which it appears OJ Simpson does not particualrly want to pay. In an attempt to rectify this situation Fred Goldman has once again returned to court, this time trying to get control of OJ Simpsons revenue stream by asking that he be given all rights to the OJ name, likeness, etc.

If Fred Goldman is successful in this claim he will effectively cut off OJ’s revenue stream directly.

A new twist in the story occured today. Since 2001 Norman Pardo has travelled with OJ and acted as videographer, amassing some 70 hours of candid footage, obviously with the long term goal of making some money from the video. If Fred Goldman is succesful in his bid to OJ Simpsons publicity those tapes are likely to become part of it.

Mr Pardo has now started legal action to try and stop that from occuring.

Simon Barrett



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