I wondered who in the world would publish a book from O.J. about that horrible day Nicole and Ronald were murdered.  The book’s title is If I Did It. Judith Regan says she didn’t pay him for the rights to publish the book and she says that his children will receive the proceeds from it.  She said, “…that much I could live with.”

I thought that is just excuses for all the money she’d rake in.  Then I looked a bit deeper.

It seems she was sitting with Howard Stern on October 3, 1995 when the jury vomited up its verdict at Noon CDT.  I was sitting in a conference/training room with my heated left overs along with my collegues and bosses.  For the first time since I’d been employed there, the phones were silent.  I think that is how it was all over the country.  Everyone had an opinion and everyone voiced it. 

“Not guilty.”

Judith says she looked around the room and said, “I told you.” and walked out.

I knew it, too.  That handsome face, charming personality, butter melting in his mouth, wide innocent, puppy dog look.  Judith lived it and so did I.  Hers was a doctor and he brutalized her leaving her almost dead and their baby dead in the hospital, he never looked back. 

Judity Regan wanted to publish that book written by the Killer so the world could see his confession.  She said, “I never lost my desire for his conviction. And if Marcia Clark couldn’t do it. I sure wanted to try.” 

I applaud her.  I cheer her on.  I know what she went through and how she felt and feels now.  I know because I lived it, too.  My abuser went to prison — oh, not for what he did to me and my kids, but for something else.  Did it matter?  For me, it didn’t matter because I was able to forgive him after four years of teeth-grinding anger.  I seriously doubt Judith has forgiven her ex… that kind of thing shows.  Unfortunately, Nicole never had the chance to forgive.  I think that is incredibly sad.

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Gina Burgess is the editor of The Tensas Gazette and a redactor for internet marketing company.  She is a columnist for Live As If.org and a site admin for Studylight.org.  Visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.


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