As previously reported OJ Simpson is once again in trouble with the Goldman family. Paying the almost $20 million dollars that was awarded in the Wrongful Death civil suit, is still on OJ Simpson’s to do list. According to the Goldman family with interest tacked on the amount is now about $38 million.

The latest attempt by the Goldman family is to take over all control of the OJ Simpson brand name (thereby cutting OJ Simpson’s revenue stream) hit a hurdle in Santa Monica Superior Court today.

The judge did not dismiss the case but seems to be ruling in favor of OJ Simpson. Fred Goldman has until Friday to enter more papers proving his case.

OJ Simpson did not attend the California hearing (no doubt he could not fit it into his busy golf schedule), and his representative pointed out that as this was a civil litigation case and because OJ Simpson no longer resided in California, and had no interest in returning,  this whole case was a complete waste of the courts time. What is mandated in California means nothing in Florida (slight editorial comment there).

I am sure that Fred Goldman was reaching for the Pepto-bismol as he listened to this.

While this may not be as riveting as the first battle between OJ Simpson and the law, I do suspect that if Fred Goldman does not get satisfaction this time he will try again and again.

There is a saying, “Like a dog with a bone”, Fred Goldman has the bone, and I am sure that until his death Fred Goldman will be after a piece of OJ Simpson.

About the only tactic that Fred Goldman has not tried so far is engaging the services of Duane Dog Chapman, but I suspect our illustrious ‘Dog the bounty hunter’ does not need any more publicity.

My favorite reports about this story are from NBC4 and CBS.

Simon Barrett

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