Oh, that would OJ Simpson be, or more properly Orenthal James Simpson, if he wasn’t in the limelight? This ex NFL star, and Heiseman trophy winner who also holds the current record for ‘most murders committed in an evening’ by a running back! This is likely going to be a record that stands in the NFL record books for many years! He now faces doing some serious time behind bars for an attempted armed robbery, our NFL star seems destined for an unhappy time in his waning years.

About the only people that thought OJ Simpson was not responsible for the untimely demise of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman were the brain dead jury, and the ever camera ready Judge Lance Ito. How he sleeps at night is an anathema to me. Of course being found ‘not guilty’ is not quite the same as being innocent. And Fred and Kim Goldman pursued OJ into the civil courts. The decision there was a resounding OJ is guilty, and the financial penalty placed on OJ was something like 18 million dollars. Of course OJ had no intention of paying the Goldman’s change for the parking meter, never mind 18 million dollars.

With interest figured in, the amount owed right now is double the original award, 36 million is some serious cash!

In an attempt to raise some quick ‘golf fee’ money he decided to write a book. Well thats a bit of an exaggeration, his fingers never hit the keyboard, he had it ghost written. A work of fiction? Well he would lead us to believe it is, If I Did It, is OJ’s ‘fictional’ account of what actually happened. Now I fell off the turnip truck, but it wasn’t last night!

My book review of ‘If I Did It’ will appear in the next day or two, as will an interview with Kim and Fred Goldman. The Goldman family have weathered a huge storm, and continue to do so. While everyone with an IQ that exceeds their hat size seems to be in agreement that OJ did it, he continues on his happy way.

Of course this ‘Armed Robbery’ rap could change that. The ‘dream team’ that he used last time are not available, F Lee Bailey and Johnny Cochran are both pushing up the daisies. Besides which OJ can barely manage to pay his ‘Green Fees’ these days, never mind a bunch of overpriced lawyers.

Simon Barrett


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