It is not often that you get to gather together such a formidable group of panelists, and a guest that is outstanding. Well we did it!

Our special guest was Peter Haven, he has been hot on the OJ Simpson money trail for several years, OJ has done wonders to hide and protect his money. Peter Haven has been the guy trying to unlock the secrets.

As best anyone can tell, and I doubt that there is a better investigator and lawyer than Peter Haven. OJ has managed to set up a number of shell companies, inject cash into very lucrative pension plans, and that is where his income comes from. Peter Haven has been on the search for some time. Neither pension laws nor the lush Florida ‘homesteading’ exemptions are helping Peter Haven in his quest.

Maybe the big dog in the mix was Art Harris. Art covered the first OJ Simpson trial for CNN. He was the lead investigative reporter. He managed to break scoop after scoop. The Los Angeles Times were right there, but it was Art that broke many of the stories on CNN, in fact the LA Times thanked Art, “for getting numerous stories before anyone else”

The most telling quote though came from OJ himself. Art unleashed a story about Simpson’s Cocaine use, the recording has OJ saying “Who is that bald headed bastard”. Oh and the ‘Bald headed bastard’ can be found at

Also joining us this afternoon was TJ Hart. TJ is the news director for The Sky 97.3, a news talk radio station out of Gainesville, Florida. TJ had much to offer from the Florida stand point. OJ had worn out his celebrity status. OJ was a bore.

Our other panelists were Jan Barrett, taking notes, and Ms. Pickles. I suspect they both learned quite a lot today.

It was to say the least an interesting show. It is rarely that you can get this amount of fire power on one show.

There is an appeal in progress, but pretty much the panel viewed it as a pointless exercise. OJ has made a bit of name for himself not paying bills, particularly bills for lawyers. One would have to wonder who, but an ambulance chaser would pick this case up?

OJ and Michael Jackson seem to have much in common.

Right at the end we also touched on the Drew Peterson case. I have a strong feeling that we will be returning to this subject soon.

You can catch the entire show on our Blog Talk Radio link.

Simon Barrett

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