I am convinced that OJ Simpson has the brains of a gnat! He is once more behind bars, this time for violating the conditions of his bail. District Attorney David Roger of Clark County, Nev., is claiming that OJ left a voice mail message to his bail bondsman to get hold of co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, and express his frustration about testimony given at the hearing where Mr. Simpson, Mr. Stewart and Charles Ehrlich were ordered to stand trial. OJ had been specifically instructed by a judge not to have contact with anyone involved in the case. In fact the judge said “not even by carrier pigeon.”

Given those restrictions, about the last person on earth that you should make such a suggestion to would be your bail bondsman! OJ Simpson is now en route back to Las Vegas where he has a Wednesday date in court to explain himself. If District Court Judge Jackie Glass finds that OJ Simpson,  violated the conditions of his $125,000 bail, he could be held in jail until the trial scheduled for later this year.

The irony of the story is the name of the Bail Bond company, ‘You Ring, We Spring’, in this case it is more a case of  ‘You Ring, We Lock You Up’.

Simon Barrett


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