OJ Simpsons defense team are once more trying to persuade the Nevada Supreme Court that OJ deserves a retrial. Papers files cite several perceived issues with the original trial. OJ meanwhile sits behind bars facing somewhere between 9 and 33 years for his part in an armed robbery that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am sure you are wondering what the reference to trash is all about in the title. It is an interesting story. As you all know, following the armed robbery OJ was arrested and placed on a $250,000 bond. A Las Vegas bond company posted the $25,000 to secure his release. To this day it is not really clear who, if anyone reimbursed the the Bond company. I will not get into how the Bail Bond industry works, suffice it to say that law and logic are often replaced by tactics that remain within the letter of the law, if not the actual intent.

Once bonded out of jail OJ hightailed it back to his home in Florida. The bail bond company had a vested interest in keeping an eye on OJ, they were already $25,000 in the hole, and should OJ decide to ‘disappear’ they faced the possibility of that amount becoming $250,000.

A local Surety Agent (that is the politically correct version for Bounty Hunter) was asked to keep an eye on OJ.

If you are a fan of spy novels you likely will have come across the concept of someones garbage being a great source of information. People throw the strangest things away, particularly letters!

Several months ago UPS dropped off a box at my home, it turned out to be a very large 3 ring binder of OJ Simpson’s mail retrieved from the trash.

It made for some interesting reading. No, there was no silver bullet, but you can learn much about someone from their trash. OJ clearly did not like paying his bills, that is obvious from the late notices. Neither did OJ care much for the few remaining fans he had.

The most telling items though were some Cell Phone CDR’s. It is truly amazing what people throw in their trash! Oh, and for good measure there is even a copy of the Bail Bond agreement, and some legal papers from Peter Haven the attorney representing the Goldman family.

I happen to know Peter Haven, in fact he has been my guest on a radio program (link here) and he was incredulous when I called him and told him what I was holding in my hand! OJ apparently did not think that anything coming from the Goldman family seeking their court awards was worthy of keeping!

I was talking to the owner of the ‘OJ Trash’ recently and he plans on sticking it on eBay. Will it sell? And for how much? Please leave your comments, I would love to know what our readers think.

Simon Barrett

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