Today I was working and managed to catch the sentencing of OJ Simpson on the television. I am so glad he is finally behind bars as it has been 13 years too late. America knew he was guilty then and is guilty now. Judge Glass called him arrogant and was so glad that she saw right through him. I also saw Kim Goldman and her father in the courtroom and I know this was a bittersweet moment for them. I know they are going to sleep well tonight and now Ron can rest in peace. The Goldmans have been troopers through all of this. They have persevered and made every attempt they could to see justice served.

Simpson made his plea and kept insisting he was not trying to harm anyone or steal anything. Folks, bullies always minimize their bad behavior and do what they can to wiggle out of any punishment. I guess he and his golfing pal, Clarence Stewart, will still try and wiggle out of this one through appeals. Clarence stated he had physical problems. Well, before he acted in this crime, he should have thought long and hard about that one. He chose to act with OJ in this. What gets me and has gotten me is that OJ has continued to skate by and the evidence on tape showed how entitled he felt in this and how above the law he thought he was. Judge Glass told him his actions were harmful. Bullies never seem to let this register. Their actions have conseqences and they are not entitled to anything.

I am just glad that Simpson is where he belongs once and for all. He could be serving up to 33 years but they say he could be up for parole in as few as 6 to 9 years. I hope when he goes up, the board will continue to detain him. True, this sentence has nothing to do with the murders but its the fact that he has gotten away with so much and has tried to profit from these events. Its time for him to pay the piper and I am glad to see a bully get his comeuppance once and for all.

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