Not being a football fan, the name OJ Simpson meant little to me in June of 1994, sure I heard the name mentioned on the news in connection with a horrific double killing in Los Angeles, but living in Southern California, such activities seem almost a way of life in parts of LA.

My first real brush with the OJ Simpson case came on the afternoon of Friday June 17th. I had spent the week visiting some of the remote offices of the company I worked for. Around 2PM, I decided that I should get on the road and high tail it back to my home in San Diego, the journey from Van Nuys to San Diego is a simple one, as long as you get on the road before rush hour, a hours drive along the I405 then south on I5 with your foot firmly to the floor! Today was different, the 405 was a parking lot. What is normally a two and a half hour trip took six hours. The reason? A white bronco containing two ex football heroes and more than 20 squad cars were engaged in a slow parade like chase, on the freeways of LA. Every overpass that I drove by was crammed with spectators, many holding banners ‘The Juice Is Loose’, ‘Go OJ Go’, and my absolute favorite ‘Do A Taco Bell OJ, Make A Run For The Border’.

I followed the criminal trial daily, listening to the live radio broadcast, I listened to hundreds of hours of testimony, and watched the TV coverage with awe, it was nothing short of a media circus, a feeding frenzy. Like a well scripted Soap Opera, the trial took off in ever unlikely directions, it became part sit com, and part trial within a trial. It seemed as if everything other than the deaths of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Smith were discussed. We had the improbable figure of Kato Kaelin, who’s testimony would likely have brought the house down at the local Improv. We had the world famous pathologist Dr. Henry Lee, who can best be summed up by the title of Thomas Dolby’s 1982 number one hit ‘She Blinded Me With Science’. Dr. Lee is the grand master of confusion.

There was also a much darker and insidious side to this trial that resulted in many careers being destroyed, the prosecution were made out to be idiots, the police corrupt, and the scientific investigators incompetent.

All the while, ring master Judge Lance Ito facilitated this travesty, in some ways actually encouraging it.

I was shocked when the Not Guilty verdict was announced, but I was not surprised. The defense ‘Dream Team’ of lawyers had worked the best sleight of hand, and bait and switch operation of the 20th century.

Here we are much more than a decade later, finally some justice has been meted out to OJ Simpson, he sits in a cell, a cell that could well represent his home for the rest of his natural life. At age 61, and facing a minimum of 9 years in jail, one can only guess as to what is going through his mind at this moment.

Through a mutual acquaintance I recently obtained a copy of a short manuscript penned by one of the Goldman family lawyers about the entire sad story. In the coming days we will be publishing this riveting and sometimes explosive document. Peter T. Haven has been involved with the case for the past two years, Peter’s critique of the case is both insightful, and thought provoking.

Part one of Peter’s story will air tomorrow. and you will not want to miss it. Peter tells it as it is, he does not hide behind the often illogical legalese, but spells it out in plain English!

Simon Barrett

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