OJ Simpson may be enjoying his prolonged vacation at the governments expense, however that does not signal an end to activity in the court room. In fact if anything activity is at an all time high. There are hearings in Santa Monica, CA and Las Vegas, NV scheduled for later today.

The Santa Monica hearing concerns one of the Vegas ‘victims’, Alfred Beardsley. He is supposed to be turning over to the Goldman family a Hall Of Fame ring that OJ Simpson supposedly gave him to sweeten his testimony. Rumor has it though that this hearing could become a bit heated. My sources are saying that Beardsley’s attorney is claiming that Beardsley does not in fact have the ring. This is a subtly different answer that Beardsley gave the Goldman lawyers last week when informed that his presence was required in court. At that time he took the 5th and refused to say anything.

Meanwhile at virtually the same time another hearing will be taking place in front of Judge Glass in Las Vegas and concerns the ownership of the memorabilia seized as part of the armed robbery trial. This particular battle will require the wisdom of Solomon to resolve. The murky world that these dealers work in does not usually include a paper trail of receipts, with many deals being done purely on a handshake. The Goldman lawyer will be asking Judge Glass to ship everything to California, where the main Goldman v Simpson litigation is occurring.

Personally I doubt Judge Glass will agree to that request, but it will be interesting to see what she does decide to do.

I will be posting an update as soon as the two hearings are completed. Stay tuned.

Simon Barrett


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