Not content with his over 10 year old NFL record for most people killed in a single evening, the Juice is now headed back to trial on a litany of charges stemming from an armed robbery that occurred in Las Vegas last September the 13th. Simpson, is accused of participating in a Las Vegas casino hotel room hold up with a gang of gun-toting men and seizing sports memorabilia worth an estimated $100,000. If convicted OJ Simpson faces the potential of Life behind bars, and that is going to ruin his golf handicap.

Judge Joe Bonaventure after listening to 4 days of sometimes incredulous claims and counterclaims, attacks on witnesses credibility, and downright stupidity, has determined that there is enough evidence to order Simpson to trial. This decision should not should not be a surprise to anyone except maybe OJ himself.  You only get one Judge Ito in a lifetime!

With Las Vegas as the backdrop, and a cast of stars even more than bizarre that the likes of Mark Fuhrman, Cato Kalin, and Johnny Cochran, this is all set to be the trial of the decade. Pimps and gun touting thugs, sleazy sports memorabilia traders, and the star himself OJ Simpson, this is a combination that can not lose! I’ll bet the main stream media are salivating at the prospect of spending time on this circus. Great entertainment everyday in the courtroom, and the casino’s and shows in the evenings.

I have been invited to interview Fred Goldman on a different subject, but I will just bet he has plenty to say about this latest OJ adventure. That interview has now moved right to the top of my ‘to do’ list.

The Juice may be loose right now, but one wonders for how long?

Simon Barrett

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